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The Financial Planning Process

The financial planning process is the cornerstone of how we serve our clients. On this page you'll find resources that help explain what we do, why we do it, and how you can begin the process.

What we do Creative Planning Asset Allocation


What to Bring


Prior to our interview, please give some thought to the following questions:

  • How much monthly income do you need now?
  • What would you like your money to accomplish for you?
  • Do you want to conserve your assets during retirement or do you want to gradually deplete them?


The following documents will be needed to properly study, analyze and prepare a personal financial plan for you. This material will be treated confidentially and returned when the planning process is completed, or earlier if requested. Click here for a printable version

Personal files:

  • Monthly or annual expenses
  • Latest income tax returns
  • Loan documents
  • Wills
  • Trust Agreements
  • Major asset purchase details


  • Payroll or other income statements
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Pension plans

Bank or Credit Union:

  • Checking account statements
  • Savings / CDs / Money Market account statements
  • Credit Card statements

Broker or Mututal Fund Company:

  • Latest monthly statements

Insurance Company:

  • Latest life insurance annuity account statements
  • Disability income insurance policy information
  • Long-Term Care policy information


  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Deferred Compensation agreements
  • Stock / Option / Bonus Plans